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Monday, 26 November 2012 14:53

My Next Project

I am in the process of writing a book. It will be called "Censorship- A Liberal  Value. Tales Of A Progressive Activist." It will be a say all,  tell all. I will name names and organizations. I will explain and expose just how corrupted thinngs are here in Minnesota. Just so that you all get a taste, here is a partial list of the "progressive" organizations I will discuss in the book. Detailing my own experiences as an activist and a candidate.

Minneapolis Star Tribune
Minnesota Public Radio
Minnesota League Of Women Voters
Minnesota Nurses Association
Anti-War Committee
Women Against  Military Madness
Minnesota Move To Amend
Take Action Minnesota
Minnesota Green Party
Minnesota Clean And Secure Elections
Minnesota United Health Care Coalition
Common Dreams
Op Ed News (Tough-Liberal-Progressive)
Drinking Liberally Minnesota ("progressive"  blogging group)

This is just a partial list

Of course Jane Hamsher and Firedoglake will be included. With the prominence she and FDL deserve.

In all seriousness though, this is a conversation that we progressives need to have. Not just that there are "progressive"  leaders who say terms like Veal Pen
but then promote the Veal Pen.

No, this question goes much deeper.. It goes to the heart and soul  of what I have heard termed the "Golden Microphone." As in, if you speak for those with the gold- you get the golden microphone. The experiences I have had has shown me that this is not just the corporate media. This corruption goes much deeper into the 501 C3 Industrial Complex and how these groups corrupt any real progressive movements. With the aid and assistance of their Democratic Party buddies. Along with a call to action to organize around them.

Running for office has been one of the most horrifying experiences of my life.

I will never run for office again. This means that I need not kiss any of the asses of the above organizations or individuals. I will hold nothing back.

The book will be written in a very thoughtful and well documented manner. After we go around Minnesota, I intend to hit other places in the country.

This liberal censorship that I and others have exposed is a conversation we need to have and find a way to organize around.

Oh and for the record- there will be a chapter dedicated to "my" Congressman Keith Ellison. You see- I know why he flat out refused to engage in a debate with him, when I ran against him  in 2008. Keith is the Co-Chair of the "Progressive Caucus."

That will be in the book as well. This book will NOT be a gripe list. It will be a call to action and organize. With the same goals as our US Senate race. Just a different format.

Sunday, 21 October 2012 21:50

Peter Gabriel

Don't know anymore if anyone knows or cares. It is really hard  to tell sometimes.

In the past few days I was re-reminded of the song "Don't Give Up" by Peter Gabriel. This song carried me through one of the toughest times of my life. Nursing school. It was a perfect description of how I felt then. It does so again today.

I rediscovered the song and its message a few days ago, when I was feeling at my lowest. Local corporate media refuse to mention our campaign, even "liberal" MPR do not have me (and so by extension our campaign) in their choices for US Senate. Most "progressive" groups look away when I walk in a room. As for the bannings at FDL and other "progressive" blogs with their usual flimsy excuses, what can I say?

There are now 16 days left. All I know is that I tried, I really tried to bring something real and meaningful to the people of Minnesota. Then I saw the Peter Gabriel song at FDL. Who knows what the hell that means, if anything.

I am glad I did this. I will never regret it. Thank you Peter Gabriel. Thank you Creator for giving me my mother- who taught me to stand tall, tell the truth and know who you are.

To George McGovern and to "Ma" RIP.

Thursday, 04 October 2012 12:58


Help us break past the corporate media blockade- pass on to your facebook- e mail groups- friends
any any other way you can think.

Breaking News Folks

In the latest polls- both Amy Klobuchar and Republican Kurt Bills support is going down. Very quickly.

We are just about to change everything. So  NOW  IS THE TIME!!!!!!!!

Donate Here-
Since PayPal has been directly complicit in aiding the government to attack both Juliane Assange and Bradley Manning- we the the Cavlan For  US Senate 2012 campaign refuse
to use PayPal. We recommend that others standing up for these two heroes do likewise and do it publicly.

So instead- we ask you to mail a check to
Committee To Elect Michael Cavlan
Anchor  Bank
1570 Concordia Ave
St Paul, MN 55104


Michael James Cavlan RN
Candidate US Senate 2012
Minnesota Open Progressives

Sunday, 23 September 2012 15:45

Cavlan US Senate Vision Statement


We are on the march. This campaign is about pushing- working for the creation of a desperately needed democracy movement. A movement to create what we do not have: An actual functioning democratic Republic- Free from corporate and other monied interests.

For far too long we have been fighting a defensive battle. Now we are going on the offense. In essence this campaign is akin t o... the Normandy Beach landing of World War II.

Our getting on the ballot means that we have just landed on the beach of corporate occupied America. We have just gained a precious, fragile toehold on freedom. This small patch of democracy is no longer occupied by big money.

In this occupied land there is our very own Vichy government. Working with the enemies of our democracy. Not all of the elected officials are part of this. However, sadly many, indeed most are.

This is the time to decide. Are you with us or are you with these well heeled monied interests. That goes for elected officials, media outlets and activist groups.


Hope this goes through. If any of you feel hardy enough to sent this to FDL perhaps you could mention a certain Democratic Party apologists front pager status who has not been banned from FDL?

Grin- Or not.

Tuesday, 03 July 2012 21:25

Music Time

So this is a test to see if the video function works. As well as a thought that it is time to move on - no dot org, so to speak.

This musical group I have been recently turned onto by a friend and ally in Minnesota. They are called Flobots and the song is called "We Are Winning." What do ya think? Relevant for the Independence Day celebration?

I am going to picnic with the local activist groups and the local Occupy people. What about you all?

Enjoy the song and the message.

Monday, 02 July 2012 21:26

Liberal Censorship- Thoughts On Why

Mat 7:15 Beware of false prophets, which come to you in sheep's clothing, but inwardly they are ravening wolves.
Mat 7:16 Ye shall know them by their fruits

This quote seems appropriate for me. It might even explain who and what I am. You see what I say, I mean. It is an honest reflection of who and what I am. In fact I am driven to speak the truth that I see based upon my own deeply held spiritual beliefs. As well as how I believe the Creator (that I have such a limited understanding of) wants me to be, speak and act in this world. Those who attempt to muzzle me do not understand this. This speaking out for truth, as I see it are deeply held spiritual realities. I hold that it is my duty both to my Creator and to his humanity.

So onto what this article is about.

Folks, I have been doing this for a long time (not as long as some of you all but still long enough) and I have noticed a pattern developing. It is a deeply troubling trend but one that I do hold can and will be broken. In fact it must be broken if we are to ever move forward.

Progressive blogs, groups and media seem to have developed this trend. In an off election ear it is OK to criticize  the Democratic Party and their leadership. Even the president. However, in election time it changes. All of a sudden things are different. You can critique them but only to a point. Being too critical can get you "moderated" always with some excuse or a rule that is blatantly unequal in its use.


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